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  • Department of Transportation - Hazardous …

    Department of Transportation – Hazardous Materials Training 2020 – DOT HAZMAT Information for Parts & Service Area Managers. Re-certification is required every three (3) years An employee certified in 2017 or before, must attend one of these classes to be re-certified.

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  • Hazardous Materials/Dangerous Goods …

    Hazardous Materials/Dangerous Goods Regulations. In support of the mission of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to improve truck and bus safety on our nation's highways, the Agency enforces rules and regulations designed specifically to govern the movement of Hazardous …

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  • Hazardous Materials | FMCSA

    The mission of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is to improve truck and bus safety on our nation's highways. That includes reducing the number of transportation incidents that involve hazardous materials and could potentially harm the public and the environment.

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  • Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety …

    The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) is a United States Department of Transportation agency created in 2004, responsible for developing and enforcing regulations for the safe, reliable, and environmentally sound operation of the US' 2.6 million mile pipeline transportation. It is responsible for nearly 1 million daily shipments of hazardous materials by land, sea ...

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  • Pipelines and Hazardous Materials | US …

    2019-08-30· Pipelines and Hazardous Materials. Protecting people and the environment by advancing the safe transportation of energy and other hazardous materials essential to our daily lives. ... U.S. Department of Transportation. 1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE Washington, DC 20590 855-368-4200.

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  • Registration Overview | PHMSA - Transportation

    Offerors and transporters of certain quantities and types of hazardous materials, including hazardous wastes, are required to file an annual registration statement with the U.S. Department of Transportation and to pay a fee (see Title 49 CFR Part 107, Subpart G (107.601 - 107.620).

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  • Office of Pipeline Safety | PHMSA - Transportation

    Office of Pipeline Safety About the Office. PHMSA’s Office of Pipeline Safety is responsible for carrying out a national program to ensure the safe, reliable, and environmentally-sound operation of the nation’s natural gas and hazardous liquid pipeline transportation system.

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    NWSM-50-5116 JULY 4, 2018 Transportation Of Hazardous Materials And Waste 3-ii Synopsis NOTE: The purpose of this section is to provide information regarding the application of the Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations to hazardous materials transported

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  • Department of Transportation - Mercatus Center

    Department—U.S. Department of Transportation DOW—Dow Chemical Company DOT—U.S. Department of Transportation ECP—Electronically Controlled Pneumatic Brake Systems ETMS—Electronic Train Management System Federal hazmat law—Federal hazardous materials transportation law (40 U.S.C. 5101 et seq.) FRA—Federal Railroad Administration HMR ...

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  • Check the Box: Is it Hazmat? | US Department of …

    This is our friend Hazardous Matt: He’s made of hazardous materials (hazmat), which means that we have to take extra care when we send him somewhere. He can pose a significant safety risk while being transported, so the U.S. Department of Transportation’s (DOT) hazmat regulations requires that Hazardous Matt and his friends be properly classified, packaged, labeled, handled, and stowed for ...

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  • Home | PHMSA - Transportation

    Resources about hazardous materials and pipeline approvals and permits processes, ... U.S. DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION. Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration. 1200 NEW JERSEY AVENUE, SE. WASHINGTON, DC 20590. 202-366-4433.

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  • Office of Hazardous Materials Safety | PHMSA

    Office of Hazardous Materials Safety About the Office. PHMSA’s Office of Hazardous Materials Safety carries out a national safety program, including security matters, to protect against the risks to life and property inherent in the transportation of hazardous materials in commerce by all transportation …

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  • Transportation of hazardous materials - Red …

    Hazardous Materials ClassificationShippers are required to determine whether the materials they are offering for transportation are “hazardous materials”.Under HMTA, a “hazardous material” includes: (1) hazardous substances (2) hazardous wastes(3) marine pollutants (4) elevated temperature materials (5) materials identified in 49 CFR § 172.101 and (6) materials meeting the definitions ...

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  • Industry Hazards / Transporting Hazardous …

    2020-06-16· Hazardous Material Transportation Act of 1975 (HMTA) The Hazardous Materials Transportation Act of 1975 (HMTA) empowered the Secretary of Transportation to designate as hazardous material any "particular quantity or form" of a material that "may pose an unreasonable risk to health and safety or property."

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  • Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG) | PHMSA

    Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG) Quickly Identify Hazardous Materials Emergency Procedures. PHMSA's 2016 Emergency Response Guidebook provides first responders with a go-to manual to help deal with hazmat transportation accidents during the critical first 30 minutes.

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