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  • Corrosionpedia - What is a Residual Chlorine? - Definition ...

    8/28/2019· Definition - What does Residual Chlorine mean? Residual chlorine is the amount of chlorine that remains in the water after a certain period or contact time. Testing for residual chlorine is one of the most common tests used by water treatment plants.

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  • Chlorine | definition of chlorine by Medical dictionary

    chlorine (Cl) [klor´ēn] a gaseous chemical element, atomic number 17, atomic weight 35.453. (See Appendix 6.) It is a disinfectant, decolorizer, and irritant poison. It is used for disinfecting, fumigating, and bleaching, either in an aqueous solution or in the form of chlorinated lime. chlo·rine (Cl), (klōr'ēn), Do not confuse this word with ...

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  • chlorine - Wiktionary

    4/14/2020· chlorine (usually uncountable, plural chlorines) English Wikipedia has an article on: chlorine. Wikipedia . A toxic, green, gaseous chemical element (symbol Cl) with an atomic number of 17. Synonym: E925 (when used as a food additive) Hypernym: halogen A single atom of this element.

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  • CHLORINE | definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary

    chlorine meaning: 1. a chemical element that is a greenish-yellow gas with a strong smell, added to water in order to…. Learn more.

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  • aesthetic chlorine - definition - English

    10.1 Aesthetic considerations While chlorination can help improve taste and odour through the reaction with organic materials and iron (Connell, 1996), it can also generate chlorinous flavours caused by the presence of the disinfectant itself or by the occurrence of other chlorinated by-products formed by the reaction with other compounds in the water.

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  • Chlorine - definition of chlorine by The Free Dictionary

    Define chlorine. chlorine synonyms, chlorine pronunciation, chlorine translation, English dictionary definition of chlorine. n. Symbol Cl A highly irritating, greenish-yellow halogen element, existing as a diatomic gas, Cl2, and capable of combining with nearly all other elements,...

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  • chlorine | definition in the English-Norwegian Dictionary ...

    chlorine - translate into Norwegian with the English-Norwegian Dictionary - Cambridge Dictionary

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  • Chlorine | Article about chlorine by The Free Dictionary

    Chlorine in organisms.Chlorine is a biogenic element and a component of plant and animal tissues. The content of chlorine in plants ranges from thousandths of 1 percent to several percent (halophytes contain large amounts of chlorine), while the chlorine content in …

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  • Chlorine | Definition of Chlorine at

    Chlorine definition, a halogen element, a heavy, greenish-yellow, incombustible, water-soluble, poisonous gas that is highly irritating to the respiratory organs, obtained chiefly by electrolysis of sodium chloride brine: used for water purification, in the making of bleaching powder, and in the manufacture both of chemicals that do not contain chlorine, as ethylene glycol, and of those that do.

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  • chlorine | Definition, Properties, & Facts | Britannica

    Chlorine (Cl), chemical element, the second lightest member of the halogen elements, or Group 17 (Group VIIa) of the periodic table. Chlorine is a toxic, corrosive, greenish yellow gas that is irritating to the eyes and to the respiratory system.

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  • Chlorine : definition of Chlorine and synonyms of Chlorine ...

    Chlorine ( / ˈ k l ɔər iː n / KLOHR-een; from Ancient Greek: χλωρóς khlôros "pale green") is the chemical element with atomic number 17 and symbol Cl.It is the second lightest halogen, with fluorine being the lightest. Chlorine is found in the periodic table in group 17.The element forms diatomic molecules under standard conditions, called dichlorine.

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  • chlorine - Dictionary of English

    chlorine - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. All Free.

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  • chlorine noun - Definition, pictures, pronunciation and ...

    Definition of chlorine noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website, including to provide targeted advertising and track usage.

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  • Chlorine - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Chlorine (chemical symbol Cl) is a chemical element. Its atomic number (which is the number of protons in it) is 17, and its atomic mass is 35.45. It is part of the 7th column on the periodic table of elements. Properties Physical properties. Chlorine is a very irritating …

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  • What Is the Difference Between Chlorine and Chloramine?

    Chlorine is a gas that is dissolved into the tap water to kill microorganisms that may inadvertently enter the city water supply piping. The concentration of chlorine required to successfully treat public water sources is high enough to be lethal to your fish.

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