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  • Database | Food Safety

    It is based on the Union list of food additives. This list is in Annex II of Regulation (EC) No 1333/2008. Access the Additives Database. Skip to main content. Home - European Commission ... Access the Additives Database. Quick links . Quick links. Rapid Alert for Food and Feed (RASFF) Health and food audits and analysis ;

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  • Food Additives -

    Like all food additives, when food colours are added to pre-packaged foods, they must be declared by common name in the list of ingredients. For many years, manufacturers have had the option of simply using the word “colour” as the common name for declaring added food colours.

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  • Food additive - Wikipedia

    Food additives are often perceived to be unsafe and to be avoided. On the flipside, the food manufacturing industry and regulators say there are good reasons to use additives – to prevent food poisoning or extend a food's storage life, for example.. The more highly processed foods you eat, the more additives you'll eat too.

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  • List of Designated Additives -

    List of Designated Additives. The substances below are the designated additives appearing in Table 1, as mentioned in Article 12 of the Enforcement Regulations under Article 10 of the Food Sanitation Act. These additives are listed here in alphabetic order. They are 465 in total as of March 31 ,2020.

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  • Additives | NSW Food Authority

    Food additives, both natural and synthetic, are used to make processed foods easier to use, or ensure food is preserved safely. All food additives must be approved by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ). Businesses are required to list food additives in the ingredients deceleration on a food label by their class name followed by the ...

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  • Food additives - World Health Organization

    Food additives can be derived from plants, animals, or minerals, or they can be synthetic. They are added intentionally to food to perform certain technological purposes which consumers often take for granted. There are several thousand food additives used, all of which are designed to do a specific job in making food safer or more appealing.

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  • Food Additive Status List | FDA

    Indirect food additives, 21 CFR Parts 175, 176, 177, & Part 178 (except that sanitizing agents for food processing equipment as listed in 178.1010 are included in the Food Additives list.)

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  • Additives - Food Standards

    Food additives play an important part in our food supply ensuring our food is safe and meets the needs of consumers. How to find out about a food additive If you want to know more about a food additive look at the ingredient list on the food label for the additive's function …

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  • Food Additives List Harmful Food Preservatives and Additives

    Food Additives List of food additives and preservatives from A to Z and 100 to 1520 If you are looking for the Complete Food Additives List then use the Navigation of the Website to go to any Food Additive between A through to Z and Numbered 100 through to 1520.

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  • Lists of Permitted Food Additives -

    This page contains an index of individual food additives or food additive groups (indicated in UPPERCASE). Clicking on an individual food additive or food additive group takes the user to a page with details on acceptable uses of the food additive.

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  • Food Additives List - Common Food Additives -

    4/29/2011· Food additives are often used in processed foods to maintain freshness, boost nutrition, or improve the taste, texture, and appearance of the food. Get the scoop on which jobs some of the most ...

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  • 10 Common Food Additives: What You Need To Know. – Fitness ...

    Preservatives, food dyes, flavor enhancers, sugar alternatives – just a few of the common food additives you may find in your snack, breakfast, lunch, or dinner. (And if you’re a hobbit this list would also include second breakfast, elevenses, afternoon tea, supper.) From the Lord of The Rings Movie.

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  • List of Existing Food Additives -

    1/30/2014· List of Existing Food Additives. This list of food additives from natural origin is complied and published by the Ministry of Health and Welfare on April 16, 1996. These additives (365 in total as of January 30, 2014) are listed here in alphabetic order. The number preceding the name of each additive is the sequence number given to the ...

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  • Food Additive Listings | FDA

    Links to food additive status list and final rules by year for food and color additives.

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  • Additives | Food Safety - European Commission

    What are food additives? Additives are substances used for a variety of reasons - such as preservation, colouring, sweetening, etc.- during the preparation of food.The European Union legislation defines them as "any substance not normally consumed as a food in itself and not normally used as a characteristic ingredient of food, whether or not it has nutritive value".

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