cable jacket materials

  • Cable Jacket Types 101 | Anixter

    Cable Jacket Types 101 Almost every cable has a jacket and for good reason: jackets help mechanically protect the insulation and conductor core of the cable. Without a jacket, cables are susceptible to abrasion, heat damage and oxidation damage, as well as weather-related damage.

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  • Comparison of Wire and Cable Jacketing Materials

    COMPARISON OF WIRE AND CABLE JACKETING MATERIALS Many specifiers of technical products look for more detailed information on the products they select for their most critical applications. In an effort to help provide data to make more informed decisions, Anixter has amassed common values of …

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  • Insulating and Jacketing Materials | Calmont …

    Calmont works with many different insulating and jacketing materials and we’re constantly evaluating new materials to offer to our customers. ... If you have any questions about our cable or wire products, or if you’re looking for a quote, contact us at (800) 905-7161 or …

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  • Cable Specifications Cable Materials, Applications, and ...

    Halogen-Free PUR, but has a jacket material that has been cross linked by an irradiation process. Same as Halogen-Free PUR, but additionally is superior for welding applications. MEDIUM Cable Specifications Cable Materials, Applications, and Relative Costs

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  • How to Read Cable Jackets

    18/2 (18AWG 2C) Plenum Shielded Stranded CMP Security Cable, White Jacket Material. The material the jacket of the cable is made of is one of the most important features in defining where the cable can and can't be used. It's important not only in how physically durable the cable is but also how resistant it is to things such as fires.

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  • Cable Jacket - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

    A third mechanical test, measuring compressive modulus, involves checking the ductility of the cable insulation or jacket material to determine if the cable has become dry, brittle, or prone to crack. Developed in the mid-1980s by the Electric Power Research Institute ...

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  • Cable Jacket Materials

    The cable jacket is the first line of moisture, mechanical, flame and chemical defense for a cable. More specifically, the jacket provides protection for the shielding and conductors within the cable. The jacket protects the cable from mechanical damage during and after installation. Cable jackets are not intended to replace interior cable ...

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  • Cable Jacket Materials - TE Connectivity

    Cable Jacket Materials keep the “top weight” to a minimum and since most of the equipment is located on the upper decks, system weight must be kept as low as possible. The diagram shows a light-weight cable compared with a traditional shipboard cable having the same cross-sectional area of cop - per. Both cables have the same number of ...

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  • Plenum cable - Wikipedia

    Plenum cable / ˈ p l ɛ n əm / is electrical cable that is laid in the plenum spaces of buildings. In the United States, plastics used in the construction of plenum cable are regulated under the National Fire Protection Association standard NFPA 90A: Standard for the Installation of Air Conditioning and Ventilating Systems. All materials intended for use on wire and cables to be placed in ...

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  • Cable Jacket Material - Tektel

    Cable Jacket Types. There are multiple cable jacket materials. The jacket material / type selection changes per application and environment therefore it is crucial to have an understanding of the available cable jacket materials and their qualities. • PE (Polyethylene) – PE has superior electrical properties with very high insulation ...

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  • Wire & Cable Insulation Material & Jacket Material …

    28 righe· Wire & Cable Insulation & Jacket Materials. Galaxy is a leading manufacturer and supplier …

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    CHOICES OF FLAME RETARDANT MATERIALS FOR CABLES WITH IMPROVED BEHAVIOUR IN FIRE Dominique DUPHIL, Silec Cable, (France), [email protected] Bernard POISSON, Silec Cable, ... of the material formulation with respect to the particular design and specifications of the cable.

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  • Cable Basics 104: Insulation and Jacketing - …

    19/02/2014· - Watch to learn all about cable insulation and jacketing. See what functions these components serve in a cable's construction and get famili...

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  • Cable Jacket Ratings Overview | C2G - Cables To …

    Cable Jacket Ratings Overview PVC -- Polyvinyl chloride (vinyl), a general-purpose plastic jacket material used for cables. Low in cost, flexible, and widely used as a cable jacket for many applications — computers, communications, low-voltage wiring, etc.

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  • Cable Jacket Material Considerations | ClearPath …

    Whether a cable will be cleaned, disinfected, or sterilized is an important consideration when specifying cable jacket material. All common medical cable jacket materials can be cleaned and disinfected using green soap, a 10% bleach solution, or a 2% glutaraldehyde solution.

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