oilfield paraffin treatment

  • Paraffin Pros | Oilfield Paraffin Extraction

    ParaffinPro LLC - Oilfield Paraffin Extraction. ParaffinPro LLC, is a Company dedicated to the extraction of Paraffin (wax) usually from Flow Lines. We extract as much as 99.9% although we aim at 100%. Our methods guarantee extraction and are extremely cost effective as well as expedient to minimize production delays.

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  • Paraffin Deposition Problems in the Oilfield | Paraffin Pros

    Paraffin Deposition Problems in the Oilfield. Wax deposition is one of the chronic problems in the petroleum industry. The various crude oils present in the world contain contents of up to 32.5%.

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  • US6176243B1 - Composition for paraffin removal from ...

    US6176243B1 US09/277,904 US27790499A US6176243B1 US 6176243 B1 US6176243 B1 US 6176243B1 US 27790499 A US27790499 A US 27790499A US 6176243 B1 US6176243 B1 US 6176243B1 Authority US United States Prior art keywords weight percent composition alcohol ethoxylated non Prior art date 1998-03-30 Legal status (The legal status is an assumption and is not a …

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  • Halliburton Multi-Chem Paraffin Treatment Products - YouTube

    6/5/2014· Multi-Chem paraffin- treatment products are all focused on reducing and removing paraffin deposits in your production systems, and are customized to solve your production challenges, such as ...

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  • CURE Paraffin Dissolvers | Schlumberger

    Dissolve paraffins. Schlumberger uses mechanical, thermal, and chemical techniques to treat deposited waxes. Chemical dissolution treatment necessitates application of solvents that will effectively and efficiently remove paraffin wax deposits, dissolving the paraffin regardless of structure, size, or …

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  • Oilfield Paraffin and Asphaltene - AONG website

    Oilfield Paraffin and Asphaltene 2017-02-05 2017-12-22 AONG manager Petroleum - English Paraffin control products prevent crude oil precipitation of paraffin wax deposits in production risers, subsea tie-backs, or any other production tubular or transportation pipeline .

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  • Solvent for paraffin removal from oilfield equipment ...

    5/15/1990· What is claimed is: 1. Process of removing flow obstructing paraffin and paraffin-like deposits from oilfield equipment comprising flushing said equipment with a solvent mixture comprising an aromatic hydrocarbon selected from the group consisting of toluene, xylene, mesitylene and mixtures thereof and petroleum naphtha, the weight ratio of said aromatic hydrocarbon to naphtha being about …

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  • Microbial Treatment for Prevention and Removal of Paraffin ...

    4/5/2013· Microbial treatment method of paraffin deposition has been used as a sustainable replacement to conventional treatment methods (chemical, mechanical and thermal methods) [1, 2].Industrial scale tests were accomplished in Jidong, Daqing, Liaohe and Zhongyuan oilfields in China [], but there is no large-scale application by microbial treatment on the whole, the reasons for restricting …

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  • Oilfield Paraffin Treatments: Hot Oil and Hot Water ...

    Download Citation | Oilfield Paraffin Treatments: Hot Oil and Hot Water Compared to Crystal Modifiers | Crystal Modifier chemicals have been successfully applied in several areas of the world to ...

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  • Removing Paraffin Wax Build-up from Oil Wells

    Paraffin wax build-up can drastically decrease the efficiency of the entire oil recovery and transfer system including flow lines, pipes, tubing and of course the oil well itself. Fortunately paraffin wax fouling in oil wells can be relatively easy to remove.

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  • Paraffin & Asphaltene Treatment - NuGenTec

    *NuFlo™ paraffin treatment line is 100% biodegradable*. NuFlo™ Product Line – Production Enhancement Products and Proprietary Formulations NuFlo™ breaks down paraffins and asphaltenes that plague all oil wells, allowing for a well or pipeline to flow at its full potential NuFlo™ acts as a dispersant and rapidly eliminates production-inhibiting deposits that restrict fluid flow.

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    >waste treatment. waste treatment & disposal drilling waste management. oilfield chemicals >production chemicals. demulsifier paraffin inhibitor/ppd asphaltene dispersant/asphaltene inhibitor corrosion inhibitor hydrogen sulfide scavenger scale inhibitor biocide defoamer >eor chemicals. surfactants polymers >stimulation chemicals

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  • paraffin - Schlumberger Oilfield Glossary

    A hydrocarbon compound that often precipitates on production components as a result of the changing temperatures and pressures within the production system. Heavy paraffins occur as wax-like substances that may build up on the completion components and may, if severe, restrict production. Paraffin is normally found in the tubing close to surface. Nevertheless, it can form at the perforations ...

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  • Oilfield Production Chemicals | Berryman Chemical

    Oilfield Production Chemicals We maximize oil production, make processing more efficient, and simplify transportation. As every oilfield is different, we create tailor-made formulations and offer value-added services to provide the maximum benefit to you at an optimal cost.

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  • Paraffin Remediation For Mature Fields | Hart Energy

    Biologically and microbial-derived products have been investigated for oilfield use for several decades as an alternative to traditional treatments. In theory, these formulations offer superior environmental performance and higher energy efficiency compared to the conventional paraffin treatment methods.

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