how to chlorinate well system

  • Disinfecting Water Wells by Shock Chlorination

    If you do not smell the odor, check the chlorine rate and add more chlorine to the well, repeating steps 1 through 4. Then, do not operate the water system for at least 12 hours, preferably 24 hours. Next, flush the remaining chlorine from the system.

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  • Procedure for Shock Chlorination of Water Systems Using ...

    2. APPLICATION: Remove the well cap, carefully pour the chlorine solution into the well. Allow solution to “settle” into the well (and its bedrock fractures) undisturbed for three hours. Attach a hose to a nearby sill cock, restore power to the well …

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  • How to Chlorinate a Private Well – 10 ... - H2O Equipment

    If you are chlorinating your well, chances are you have tested positive for bacteria. The well chlorination process is simple, but time consuming. Tests fail because: #1 – people don’t add enough chlorine and #2- don’t give enough contact time. So be patient! This takes at least TWO DAYS! STEP ONE: Get your supplies together…Bleach Read the full article...

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  • Shock Chlorination | Well Water Program | Oregon State ...

    After you smell chlorine, direct the water from the hose back down into the top of the well (if you don't smell chlorine after a few minutes, add some more before circulating the water). Make sure the system is chlorinated by opening each fixture (sink, shower, outdoor faucet, etc.) one at a time and let water run until you smell chlorine.

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  • Instructions for Simple Chlorination of Residential Wells

    Instructions for Simple Chlorination of Residential Wells Simple chlorination is the process of adding relatively small volumes of a chlorine solution into a well, accompanied by the circulation of the chlorinated water through the distribution system and back into the well.

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  • How to Chlorinate Your Well Water - New Brunswick

    How to Chlorinate Your Well Water If you rely on a well for your water, you may have to chlorinate it from time to time. Chlorination refers to the process of flushing your well and water system with a chlorine …

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  • Water Well Disinfection Procedure | American Ground Water ...

    10) Leave the Chlorine-Water Mixture in the plumbing system and well for 12 to 24 hours before removing the chlorinated water. [ NOTE - During the disinfection process, the well water should not …

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    INSTRUCTIONS TO CHLORINATE YOUR WELL. When bacteria is found in a well the first step is to try to remove it by chlorinating the well. Chlorine bleach is introduced into the well and mixed thoroughly with the water in the well column. The chlorine is allowed to remain in the well column for a 24 hour period, then removed.

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  • How to Disinfect a Private Well System - TWON

    How to Disinfect a Private Well System In 7 Steps If your well system is contaminated after a flood, here are some things you can do to disinfect it. STEP 4 Recirculate the Chlorinated Water: • Turn on electrical power to the pump by turning on the circuit breaker. • Connect the garden hose to an outdoor faucet. • For a well seal: place the funnel into your well’s access point and put ...

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  • DisinfeCTinG yoUr WeLL W aTer: shoCK ChLorinaTion

    SHOCK CHLORINATION? Shock chlorination is used to remove bacterial contaminants from well water, well casings, holding tanks and the whole water supply system. A licensed well driller is trained to shock chlorinate. Should you decide to shock chlorinate your well yourself, take the following precautionary measures:

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  • How To Use Chlorination Systems for Well & …

    The Model 400 In-Line chlorinator will operate on a varying pressure such as a home well system or on a constant pressure such as a sprinkler or pool system. The chlorinator is adjustable, but the exact dose cannot be controlled as easily as the liquid chlorinators using a metering pump. Often the minimum adjustment allows a chlorine residual of 3 to 5 ppm to enter the water, so a contact tank ...

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  • How to Disinfect a Well with Bleach – …

    The most common problems in rural Well systems are: Bacterial Contamination from septic tank effluent. The EPA has made references to findings that the biggest problems in private wells today are bacterial contamination from septic tanks. The second most common problem in rural areas contamination from farm runoff. For 100 years farmers were careful to place systems upslope of barnyards. This ...

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  • Shocking well with bleach (DIY) - YouTube

    Feb 06, 2017· Shocking well with bleach (DIY) ... DIY Chlorinating & Cleaning a Dug Well - Duration: ... Best Whole Home Well Water Filtration System what The EPA recommends Full oxidation platform 2019 ...

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  • When Should you Chlorinate Your Water Well — Skillings ...

    Jun 08, 2013· Chlorinating your well, also known as shock chlorination, kills bacteria and disease-causing organisms that can enter your well. This can happen after a flood or period of heavy rain, which causes surface water to enter your well. It can also be caused by construction near a well or on the home’s plumbing system.

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  • Chlorinate a Water Well Treatment — Skillings & Sons, Inc ...

    Purchasing a chlorine test kit at a pool/spa supply store in advance is a good idea. Step-by-Step Well Chlorination Process: Open well cover; Carefully pour bleach into well. If possible, coat the inner walls of the well with chlorine as you pour it in. If you have a cartridge filter, be sure to have a spare cartridge because the filter may ...

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