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We specialize in applied anthropological research. Most research we undertake is tied in some way to health and social programmes either as the formative or needs assessment step of intervention design or as the social science component of impact assessment.

Our project areas have included adolescent sexual and reproductive health, prevention of mother-to-child HIV/AIDS (PMTCT), maternal-child health, sexual negotiation and decision-making among commercial sex workers, HIV-risk perception and practices among blood donors, and anthropological approaches to understanding sexual and reproductive behaviors such as condom use, pregnancy termination, HIV-testing and infant feeding.

We are also involved medical anthropological research focused on the relationship between medical pedagogy and diagnostic, treatment and care approaches used by South African pediatricians in dealing with HIV-infected infants and children. We take dissemination of results seriously; and endeavor as much as possible to distribute our research findings through journal publications, public interest articles and public discussions.

Our research has direct relevance to programme planning and implementation.

Project example (needs assessment):

One of our on-going projects with the South African National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) involves constructing an HIV-immunology learning programme for South African pediatricians dealing with HIV-infected infants and children. The programme, Immunopaedia, consists of an interactive web-based learning tool, a series of educational workshops, and a clinical research bursary.
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Project example (assessing the PMTCT programme):

An earlier project focused on identifying social and community dynamics with the potential to influence the effectiveness and implementation of the South African Government’s pilot PMTCT programme in three provinces.
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Training and evaluation

icrw workshopWe offer a one, two or three day training packages in proposal writing, (qualitative and quantitative) social science research methods, data processing and analysis.

As a complement to this, we also offer basic training on programme monitoring and evaluation techniques, including evaluation research and preparation of logical frameworks/conceptual frameworks.

Our aims are to assist government and private sector agencies to thoroughly and accurately assess the societal impact of programmatic activities and to provide members of such organizations with monitoring and evaluation skills. This also means that whenever possible we endeavor to use participatory techniques and look for capacity-building opportunities both for the communities we engage with and for our staff.


Training Project example:

We were recently asked by the Washington, DC-based International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) to assist potential grantees in preparing their proposals for its Women’s Property and Inheritance Small Grants programme in sub-Saharan Africa.
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