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Nozizwe Consulting conducts rigorous, socially relevant and socially meaningful social science research in community settings and for health and social programmes.

This includes undertaking applied anthropological research and training at every stage of programme planning and evaluation; this includes:

  • formative, descriptive research (either alone or in conjunction with  evaluation, as in needs assessments or situational analyses)
  • monitoring of progress
  • assessing programmatic impact on communities and individuals.

Central to our research philosophy is emphasis on understanding the relationship between socio-cultural context and behavior; and in community involvement in the research process.

In this, we use a conceptual framework that focuses on the effects of (and interactions between) culture, history, gender, and power dynamics on individuals’ health-seeking behavior.


Nozizwe Consulting: Sole Proprietor

The Sole Proprietor wing of Nozizwe Consulting was established first. Under this structure, any work accepted by the organization attracts 14% VAT (tax) in accordance with South African Government requirements for VAT registration by certain sole proprietor organizations.


Nozizwe Consulting, Association Incorporated Under Section 21, NPO

Reg No: 2005/036578/08, Non-Profit Organization [NPO] No: 930022732.

Nozizwe Consulting has a registered not for profit entity. Monies coming into Nozizwe under this wing do not attract VAT (tax). Like all S21 organizations, Nozizwe has a governing structure comprised of a seven-member Board of Advisors that meets semi-annually.

In addition, in accordance with S21 regulations, Nozizwe has an appointed accounting firm to oversee its financial record-keeping and perform a yearly audit. All grants and project monies attract an over-head fee (usually 10% of the project budget) to help offset the costs of administering the organization.


Our name

Nozizwe means "child of many nations" or "peripatetic spirit", a name bestowed on Christine Varga by the late Poet Laureate of Africa, Masizi Kunene; fitting for an anthropologist who has traveled, worked and lived all over the world.

Nozizwe's logo – a triangle super-imposed on a silhouette of the African content - was designed to reflect the concept of 'multiple perspectives' in social science research. Wherever possible, we combine multiple (qualitative and quantitative) methods to produce a more well-rounded or holistic perspective on the topic under study.
The use of a "triangulated" research approach reveals a much richer, more nuanced and accurate picture of the issue.We provide three distinct types of service: research, training and technical support.
Finally, our team members and collaborators hail from multiple disciplinary perspectives, including anthropology, demography, administration and management, medicine, laboratory sciences, public health and even mathematics.